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Toxic Family Relationships: What Are They?

Toxic envirenment and family

toxic envirenment

When we speak of “toxicity” we do so with the intention of referring, by opposition, to healthy. And, although it is a term, more colloquial or informative than psychological, we use it expressly, to emphasize the possibility of getting intoxicated or ending up getting sick, when we come into contact with something with harmful qualities.

And for the family ?

When speaking of family from the perspective of group psychology, we would say that we are dealing with the primary group par excellence.

Because from our birth we belong to him, without any choice. And, within it, we will grow and develop, living experiences characterized by consanguineous or adoptive ties and affectivity that will allow us to develop stability, internal cohesion, possibilities of evolutionary progress and the acquisition of psychosocial skills. (Cervel and Álvarez González)

That being said, we are better able to answer the following question:

Can family relationships be toxic ?….

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