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The benefits of yoga practice

yoga practice

There are certainly more than ten reasons why yoga is good for you. Indeed, the physical and psychological benefits of yoga can fill entire books. The following is just a summary of the reasons why you should make yoga a part of your life. Here are ten health benefits of yoga that you should know about:

1. Your strength, agility, and flexibility are enhanced

Many sports make you stronger, others can increase your agility but very few activities will improve your agility, strength and flexibility at the same time. Numerous professional athletes have overcome their injuries by increasing their range of motion through yoga. There are even athletes who have double mastectomies and have regained full mobility after disabling surgery, thanks to yoga. All this despite the many scars on their bodies. Nothing is as effective as yoga in repairing the body and ensuring that ligaments and connective tissue are as strong and flexible as the muscles themselves

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