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8 Benefits Of Olive Leaves Infusion On Your Health

Olives are very rich in vitamin E. they are recognized as a powerful antioxidant. Several studies have shown the benefits that olives can bring to our body. But WHAT ABOUT OLIVE LEAVES ! and HOW TO PREPARE AN OLIVE LEAVES INFUSION!

Olive leaves

Infusion of olive leaves

Drinking an infusion of olive leaves has extraordinary health benefits, in addition to protecting against a wide variety of diseases and symptoms.

All this is due to phytochemical compounds. Which are chemicals contained in the plants. Intended to protect them from diseases and pests. When we consume plants, our bodies absorb these phytochemicals, protecting us from these same dangers.

One of the phytochemical compounds found in olive leaves, called oleuropein, is one of the most active ingredients liable for these health benefits.

Here are eight health benefits of olive leaves:

Benefits of drinking olive leaves infusion

Olive leaves infusion

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