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How to treat chronic pain from psychology


Physical pain has many faces, the body responds as well as the psyche, and a coexistence is created that in the different stages of our existence can become chronic pain.

We are exposed from birth to the sensations of pain, they become a latent truth of reality. The discomfort begins in the avenues, exits and entrances of our organism and settles in the emotions once the pain has not yielded to that of the drugs.

Emotions can generate or produce high levels in relation to physical pain, so the mental and physiological connection, triggers a symbiotic dependence of both parties, where the behavior and the intensity of it will be a primary circumstance in the treatment of pain, even if this leads the person who suffers it to a constant disability.

In order to treat Chronic Pain from Psychology, we have to take into account both the emotional experience of the individual and the sensory experience.

What is the points to be taken into account by the psychologist ?….



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