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How can I help someone who has anxiety?


Maria doesn’t stop looking at her watch. Whenever your daughter is late getting home, she constantly worries and becomes nervous. Her mind fills with thoughts imagining the worst: she has missed the bus, maybe there has been an accident and that is why she does not call me, and if something bad has happened to her … For no particular reason, she puts herself in the worst of circumstances and only when her daughter finally comes home safe and sound can Maria finally relax.

So what is anxiety?

When we speak of anxiety we refer to the reaction or automatic response of our body to different situations which sometimes we are not able to control; This reaction triggers our adaptation mechanism, preparing it for action (fight or flight).

A physiological reaction is then produced that manifests itself in a series   : increased heart rate, pupil dilation, muscle tension, dizziness and hyperventilation, etc.

Anxiety has an important basic survival function: it is an alarm system that is activated when a person perceives a danger or a threat.

When we are going through stressful periods or situations in our life, it is normal to feel anxiety; things get complicated and worries arrive. So far we can say that we can handle the situation.

But things change when these sensations are continuous and last over time, making us feel constantly nervous, with difficulty sleeping at night, with dominant thoughts … then we could speak of an  anxiety disorder

what are the causes of anxiety disorders ?

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