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Dealing with Perinatal Mourning

perinatal mourning

What is perinatal grief?

In this case, it is what we call perinatal grief. It is a much more frequent and assiduous phenomenon than we think, which is being given all the importance it really has. For a long time it has been one of the most naturalized duels, so to speak, which was not given the nature it deserves.

Perinatal mourning is the loss of the baby that occurs during pregnancy, before or after birth.

Perinatal mourning is one of the most complicated duels, since we are facing an excessively brief space-time in which we collide with life and death simultaneously. Two of the most antagonistic and important vital moments, in which both extremes become evident.

When we find ourselves before this type of loss we have to take into account that we find ourselves with several factors at a synchronic level.

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